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5 shirts for your week!

5àsec owns the solution for that everyday hard task.

If ironing your shirts is a headache or that wrinkle won't go away... for that, 5àsec has specially for you, our 5 Shirts Ironing.

Wash your shirts at your house and deposit them on a 5àsec shop, we'll do the rest... giving you more time to do what you really like.


Conditions: Only on adherent shops (filter a search with the 5 Shirt Ironing). Promotion valid for 5 shirts already washed and deposited at the same time. 6.00€ for the 5 shirts ironing. No other discounts. No special treatments.

5àsec advises you

Try the 5àsec Starching service and feel your perfect ironing for much longer.

Ideal for the following textiles