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Control your costs
Your expenses are kept under control. You can limit them and be charged on a pay-per-use basis while enjoying a more user-friendly billing system.
Save time
Your work uniforms and items are entirely taken care of for optimal results and convenience, grouped together and put into nominative garment covers.
Autonomous staff
It makes their daily life easier, they do not need to pay upfront and they have access to France’s largest network of dry cleaning shops operating under a brand name.
Optimise your organisation
Your administrative and financial division is more productive and manages the budget remotely, thanks to a dedicated extranet site.
Enjoy a professional quality service
All through 5àsec network, a team of dedicated professionals is here to meet your needs. You can be assured you will get flawless results and enjoy a high standard of service.

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Workwear cleaning service

The cleaning of work uniforms is legally required. Outsourcing is exempted from charges and costs less than a cleaning allowance.

Entrust your work uniforms to 5àsec and save time while making your employees’ daily life easier. Once received and handled, all items you entrust to us are thoroughly inspected by our experts to determine the best possible cleaning solution. For optimal results, they are pre-stained and manually brushed prior to dry-cleaning or acqua cleaning, according to the required program. Once cleaned, our teams proceed with the ironing, making sure not to damage the fibre and deliver impeccable results. Before getting your items back to you, each and every one of them is controlled, grouped together, wrapped and put into a nominative cover in order to provide you with a professional high-quality service.

Laundry service for medical and social institutions, retirement homes, hotels..

Your laundry requires a professional cleaning. Choosing 5àsec enables you to save money and time whatever the volume of items to be treated and to enjoy a flawless cleaning. Our experts use technics, products and material appropriate to the size and specific fibre composition of your textiles to ensure you experience optimal results and finishing.

Drop & Go Service

5àsec enables you to outsource the whole process for more convenience, by handling the collection and delivery of work uniforms within your premises. This convenient service enables you to control your actual expenses thanks to a dedicated extranet site. Your customers can drop off their garments within your premises and we handle the logistics as well as the cleaning. This service can be implemented in public parking lots, train stations, kiosks, petrol stations, etc.

Our extra services


Your employees can drop off their uniforms on their own at one of our outlets, and pay with their dry cleaning card.

Bespoke Logistics and Processing

The must: we pick up your items at your premises and deliver them cleaned! A complete outsourcing of the service without any constraint.
* Service not available in all areas. For more details, contact your 5àsec sales representative.

Our development arround the world

Our key numbers

5 Continents

31 Countries

1800 Shops

114 000 Customers per day

285 000 Pieces per day

Our commitments to sustainable development

The environment

By minimizing our environmental impact through several initiatives within our network:

  • Choosing providers and equipment complying with environmental standards
  • Recycling programs
  • Reducing the use of coat hangers and providing materials to enable customers to return their hangers, etc.


Our teams

By providing a safe and pleasant work environment, to ensure well-being and professional fulfilment.


To grow in line with our customers’ expectations, we are working on the optimisation of both our technologies and processes.

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