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The treatment that protects you from light rain!

The techniques that 5àsec has developed return the waterproofing capacity to your textiles and assure its protection and a brand-new look for much longer.

The advantages WATERPROOFING

  • What is 5àsec waterproofing?

5àsec waterproofing is protective cover that repels water, moist, stains and dirtiness.

  • Why should i waterproof my garments?

Rain deforms your articles that can only be dry clean, besides that, in the city, the rain is more acidic, therefore corrosive to your garment fibbers.

5àsec waterproofing diminishes the stains adherence, avoiding or making them easy to remove.

Articles that crumple more easily get their original shape back with waterproofing, improving their look.

5àsec waterproofing highlights the fabric colours returning the brand-new look.

Waterproofed articles have a greater resistance to microbial related to moist, like molds.

Given to its anti-moist, anti-stain, shape repair and colour highlighting characteristics, 5àsec Waterproofing expands the life span of your textiles.

5àsec advises you

If you have an article that you like and want to protect it, like an linen suit, try our waterproofing. You'll see the difference.

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