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The perfect care that protects you from allergies!

5ásec kills the dust-mites retained on your textiles with help from innovating products, preventing future allergies!

The advantages ANTI-DUST MITES

  • Why are dust-mites a scourge?

Mainly due to our modern life-style that allowed dust-mites ever-growing multiplication, and this growth is still increasing, specially in our rooms.

  • Are they dangerous?

They are microscopic, therefore invisibles to our eye, and produce a large amount of excrement, dusts that are highly allergic to human beings.

  • Who is in danger?

Children are the most affected, then teenagers and elderly, but anyone can become allergic.

  • How does the allergy manifests itself?

It can appear at any lifetime moment as a chronic allergy, causing respiratory deficiencies, like asthma. The main reactions are: chronic rhinitis, eczema and/or conjunctivitis. In Portugal annually around 12.000 die from respiratory related diseases. It is important to consider that dust-mites are a real threat to our health and should be properly taken care off.

  • Why should i apply an anti dust-mite product?

5àsec Anti-Dust Mite treatment assures an effective protection for six months. Kill the dust-mites in your articles to prevent their spawning.

5àsec advises you

To prevent dust-mites you should vacuum your mattress and carpets once a week, air the room where you sleep daily and avoid warming up the room above 18º.

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