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Your wool will love it!

5àsec designed for you an effective and natural treatment against the moths to assure an real protection and a perfect hygiene.

The advantages ANTI-MOTHS

  • What are moths?

Moths are little butterflies that leave invisible larvas in your garments. These larvas feed on wool and other natural fibres that are main composition of your garments: coats, suits, pullovers, vests, skirts and also your blankets and carpets...

  • Say no to moths!

You must always clean your garments before you store them, mandatory on season change, so that you may avoid their spawning. It is also recommended to use a cover on that special article you save for the best occasions. Nevertheless, experience has showed us that anti-moths protection is the only assuring solution.

There are several products to have on your closet (mothball, cedar balls...) but they have a short expiration date and don't give you article by article protection.

  • Innovation: 5àsec Anti-Moths

5àsec Anti-Moths is an innovation for each article.

5àsec Anti-Moths is a natural treatment that doesn't represent a danger to your health.

5àsec advises you

  • In order to prevent your garment from being damaged, ask your 5àsec for the Anti-Moths service on your pullovers, wool jackets, suits and skirts...
  • In your home deco articles apply 5àsec Anti-Moths two times a year.

Serviço Anti Traças 5àsec

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