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Dry cleaning and washing are two different textile care methods, given by qualified professionals that analyse the fabric's nature.

Dry cleaning is a process that combines a mechanical action with a solvent efficiency.

There are several types of solvents being use today, for example, perchlorethylene and siloxane. A dry cleaning machine is similar to a washing machine, differs on its size and the fact it works on a close circuit: the solvent is recovered, filtered and reused for the next cleaning process.

5àsec policy assures a responsible usability and management of this solvent, so that our workers, clients and environment are perfect. 5àsec Group tests all the available alternatives for the perchlorethylene.

Along with the dry cleaning, all your shops are equipped with machines that allow water cleaning.

There are four parameters related with the cleaning efficiency:

  • Mechanical action
  • Detergent products
  • Temperature
  • Time assigned for each cycle

We use a vast range of products that purify, degrease, soften and bleach the textiles.


5àsec advises you

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