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The perfect care for a perfect look!

The textile care that protects your garments and assures a "just ironed" look!

The advantages FINISHING

What is 5àsec Finishing?

It is a thin layer that protects your textiles, revives the colours, diminishes stains fixation, improves your appearance, among others...

Finishing products are commonly used on garment manufacturing. With daily use and routine cleanings, these products tend to disappear and gradually altering the article original shape and look.

Why apply 5àsec Finishing?

5àsec Finishing gives back the article original texture and appearance, keeping it soft on touch. It is particularly efficient on natural fibres like linen and cotton.

It reduces crumple in case you travel by train, air-plain or just driving.

The most crumple areas, like the back of your jacket or behind the knees in your trousers, get a perfect ironing for much longer, because it enhances the ironing process.

5àsec Finishing also revives the colours, like in your silk  scarf, although the result is more visible on darked colours, like black or dark blue.

5àsec advises you

For a maximise performance we recommend repeating the treatment after each cleaning.


Finishing products must be applied by textile care professionals.

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